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AWS API Gateway HTTP APIs with Keycloak JWT authentication - Part 1

  AWS AP I Gateway is an AWS service to "front" a variety of AWS services by providing an HTTP front end.  One common use is to access logic coded into an AWS Lambda to allow services and web browsers to access the Lambda and it's services.  A Lambda is one of the main tools for serverless development in the AWS ecosystem. If your API Gateway service is public (meaning it's not enclosed within a VPC) then anyone in the world meaning can use (and abuse) your API.  Therefore, it is imperative to have some sort of validation check on who is calling the API and to make sure the caller is authorized to interact with the API. So this set of posts will show you how to use one of the types of API Gateway authorization, JWT authorizers .  JWT is a standard for tokens that are passed (usually over HTTP) from a consumer to a service.  It is most commonly used in Oauth2 environments. API Gateway has two synchronous ways of interacting with it, along with a Websocket integra

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